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Why Work with RMS Land Clearing?

RMS Land Clearing has experience in several types of Land Clearing. We have completed projects in Oil & Gas and Utilities, including Right-of-Way (ROW) and initial site preparation and clean-up, clearing land for agriculture use and fence lines, preparing residential sites for new builds, managing vegetation around power lines, and completing expansion site projects to name a few. 

We understand the complexity of clearing brush or vegetation on Recreational Land, Natural Reserves, Oil & Gas Sites, and the safety involved in not just clearing land but also hand-falling trees and brush professionally and safely, making sure proper steps are in place to leave any area that we clear better than we found it.


Mulching & Subsoiling

Mulching is an environmentally friendly way to clear Right of Ways (ROW), fence lines and trails, harvest trees, and create fire and fuel breaks. When trees or brush are removed, it is important, depending on the application, to make sure all tree stumps, roots, brush and debris are addressed and broken down. Depending on the project, RMS Land Clearing offers stump grinding and other specialized Mulching or Subsoiling options.

Trucking & Hauling Services

We are available to get the equipment you need to project sites fast and efficiently so that you can get the job done. We offer a safe and reliable way to move equipment from one job location to another. Whether it’s over a long distance or a quick trip, we have the experience and a variety of truck and trailer combos to support your needs.

Brushing & Vegetation Management

RMS Land Clearing is an efficient and cost effective full-service mulching, logging and land clearing company. Built on integrity and professionalism, we provide a full range of eco-sensitive mulching and land clearing services. We have field locations throughout Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC, so don’t hesitate to call us regardless of where you’re located. We can deploy our equipment and be on site whenever you need us. If you’re in Western Canada and require our services, we’ll be there.

Logging & Timber Salvage

Our Logging and Timber Salvage Services include Log Hauling and clearing merchantable and non-merchantable timber. It is essential to have intricate knowledge of what is merchantable and non-merchantable when it comes to timber. This requires understanding the regulations and expectations that go along with harvesting timber.

Tree Removal & Hand Falling

Tree removal is necessary to protect property when a tree has become compromised, or branches need to be tended to. Different ways exist to remove trees or brush from residential or commercial spaces. The process is intricate and needs to be done by a properly trained person. These individuals are called Arborists, and their specialty is understanding trees. They are sometimes referred to as Tree Surgeons. They use different tools depending on the tree, like a chainsaw in a Bucket Truck.

Site Development

Whether it is clearing access roads or Right Of Ways (ROW), a construction site for residential, or land for farming, we have a team of experienced people who help clients get land ready for multiple applications. From start to finish, we are there to support, manage and complete projects effectively and efficiently.