Health, Safety & Environment

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Safety Oriented Land Clearing

At RMS Land Clearing, we believe in safe, reliable and ethical workplace practices. We recognize our responsibility as employees, contractors, and clients, and hence, are committed to providing safe clearing and workplace practices to ensure every member of our staff and the public is safe and productive. Our employees are trained to pick and use the right equipment of the highest quality. Below are a few other company objectives to strengthen our services with integrity and honesty.


RMS Land Clearing HSE Objectives

  • We identify, assess and control OHS (Occupational Hazards safety) practices at work.
  • Provide written instructions and clear communication to ensure work procedures are clearly followed and observe all safety precautions.
  • Observe legal and ethical implementation of hazard control measures.
  • Provide training, supervision and instructions to employees to steer clear of risks.
  • Provide technically competent staff who deliver the highest quality of work on time.
  • Ensure workplace practices meet the highest industry standards.
  • Observe an injury management policy.
  • Offer support and full assistance to our staff.
  • Strictly comply with legislative protocols and legal requirements.
  • Periodically measure work performance through annual reviews and assessment.
  • Ensure that the workplace is in a safe condition and our trained staff attends to their assigned tasks, observing caution at all times.
  • Request our employees to report any hazard to their supervisor or manager to make sure that no one suffers from an injury or ill health.
  • Carry out operations with minimal risk to the environment.
  • Improve our processes continuously to ensure HSE awareness
  • Reward employees who contribute to improving HSE performance.
  • Monitor and make reports on our HSE performance through HSE updates in meetings, talks and notice board announcements.