RMS Land Clearing Ltd. specializes in Land Clearing, Mulching, Logging and Tree Clearing projects throughout Western Canada. Proven to be an industry leader, we assist clients from the Oil & Gas, Energy, Agricultural, Recreational and Residential Sectors. 

With an emphasis on safety, client satisfaction, and relationship building, we work with our customers from the very first steps of planning and estimating to the execution of the work, reporting and tracking progress. With a solid management team and decades of experience, RMS Land Clearing Ltd. is committed to helping you complete your project in the most cost-effective, safe, and efficient manner possible.

Luke Elliott, President & GM


At RMS Land Clearing, our mission is to deliver an unparalleled customer experience that leaves our clients feeling valued. 

We aim to offer comprehensive solutions for all things related to land clearing, ensuring that every aspect of our service exceeds expectations.

I firmly believe that the strength of a company lies in its people and the relationships it fosters with its clients. These two elements are intricately linked; without a highly skilled and dedicated team providing exceptional clients service, we cannot hope to surpass our clients’ expectations. Likewise, without consistently delivering the best solutions, we cannot expect repeat business from satisfied clients.

We are dedicated to continual improvement and growth. This means investing in ongoing education and training for our team, staying up to date with the latest industry practices and technology and taking pride in ensuring the effectivness and efficency of our equipment. 

 Integrity, quality, and safety are not just words for us. They are the cornerstones of our business philosophy, guiding every decision and action we take. This commitment ensures our clients feel secure and confident in our services. With a focus on excellence, we look forward to meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations and forging new connections along the way.

– Luke Elliott


We have completed projects in Oil & Gas and Utilities, including Right-of-Way (ROW) and initial site preparation and clean-up, clearing land for agriculture use and fence lines, preparing residential sites for new builds, managing vegetation around power lines, and completing expansion site projects to name a few.


RMS Land Clearing is an efficient and cost effective full-service land clearing company.

Built on integrity and professionalism, we provide a full range of land clearing services across Western Canada.


We recognize our responsibility as employees, contractors, and clients. We are committed to providing safe clearing and workplace practices to ensure every member of our staff and the public is safe and productive. 

Our employees are trained to pick and use the right equipment of the highest quality.